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Saturday, November 19th, 2005
11:59 pm - Harry Potter
LOVED it... I mean it was my favorite book (I read it at least 4-5 times... I lost count)...I was smart enough to decide NOT to read it again befor the movie b/c i did that with the 3rd book and was disappointed with how fast they wnet through stuff without explaining. To put it briefly...the 3rd movie, I assume, would have been extremely confusing to those who didn't read the book.
However, in the 4th movie, (i'm not techinically ruining anything, but i know some people dont like to hear ANYTHING so dont read until after you see the movie, if you like).
Wait, first I"d like to say, one of my favirete lines of the whole movie was so damn simple. And it came at a point where i was happy with it so far, and in much anticipation of what was to come. At the beginning of the movie, when they're at teh World CUp, and Harry enters the small tent they have rented. I remember this from teh book so i kenw what was coming, but I dont think the diaglogue was the same. Basically the "small" tent, from the inside, turns out to be huge. So Harry looks at the small tent, and reluctantly steps in...to find this huge place with several rooms. He looks around at everyone milling about, getting settled down, and with a smile on his face says "I love magic".
Stephanie- for some reason this reminds me of you. I can picture you in the same situation, saying the same thing. Just very grateful and pleased with life.
Anyway, moving on the 4th movie moved fast (expected...no way you can fit that book into less than 5 hours if you include everything) but at the same time, they found ways to make it less confusing than they did with the 3rd.(heres where you might want to wait until after seeing the movie to read): The whole Barty crouch and his son thing....they left out Winky, but to compensate for that, they stuck his son in the first scene at the house, and shortened the whole pensieve scene into one short trial as opposed to the few trials in which the reader was left thinking that Crouch had sent his innocent son to Azkaban, who ended up meeting with the fate of death.
Instead, the producers, or whoever i dont know, decided to skip all that with Winky, and the son being under Crouch's Imperius Curse, and make it so the audience sees the young Mr Crouch from the beginning...sees him making hte dark mark, and sees him admitting to guilt at the trials long ago. This was a way to shorten the movie without leaving any loose ends. I approved.
This time i went into the movie not expecting it to be like the book---that would be impossible.
The Quiddich world cup was cut, mostly, but I was ok with that. I'm hoping something will show up on the DVD. i was very impressed with the stadium. i actually said "WOW" outloud at the movie theater.
Everything else, i loved. I mean, I teared a little, and i can't remember the last time i creid at a movie...probably somehwere around Titanic. I thought they could have made Cedric a little nicer-- in the book he was extremely modest...but he was fine.
As always, i'm disappointed in the Hermione-Ron romance brewing. I jsut think its VERY cliche in terms of movies/stories, and VERY unrealistic in terms of real life. Two people with that relationship as friends would never ever go out, and if they do, it wont last. I just hate the fact that it has to assume that every groups of childhood friends, 2 of them always have to fucking get together. I mean, it would have been worse if they paired her and HArry up, but still...it just irks me. I woudl prefer Harry potter with little to no romance, altho i do like he and Ginny together.

Anyway, i'm very happy, can't wait till it comes out on DVD........

other than Harry Potter, i've been, as much as i hate to admit it, i think i've been kind of depressed lately. HOpefully, it'll pass, i'm just trying to ignore it. we'll see. hope you all have great Thanksgivings!

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
12:29 pm
You need adventures.
Real life has been very boring for you and you
can't help but dream away. Nothing is exciting
or fascinating in your life and can't
understand why it all is so dull. You like
having fun, but are probably not a bouncing
person because of that. There is a probability
that you either like to read/watch fantasy or
similar genres, or have a creative side that
lets you release your fantasy world.

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very true...except for the part about me possibly being creative..psshht

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Sunday, October 30th, 2005
7:41 pm
its not fair :(

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
10:41 pm - well well well
Its been awhile. I've been busy.
Graduating sucks. The real world sucks. Its no fun not being in college anymore. I have like 2 friends at home, and even tho i love them, we all work so its hard.
I miss living in the same vicinity as like 16 of my friends. So that even if some are busy, i can walk down the hall or down the street, and find something fun to do. Now its like, if my friends are busy, thats it. And if they're not, i have to travel to see them, which negates any good drinkning fun. And tehres less of them.

But I shouldnt complain too much. Right now i'm working 3 jobs and taking 1 class. I'm basically very, very busy. This is what my schedule looks like:
(work is at my dads office, he owns a printing business) and class is Biochemsitry which i need for Vet school

Monday: work 8-3, volunteer 5-9 (vaccination clinic where i get to play with a lot of cute puppies, and also deal with a lot of annoying people)

Tuesday: class 11-1, volunteer 5-9 vaccination clinic

Wednesday (my crazy day): Babysit 7-830, work 9-5, volunteer 7 till anywhere between 11 and 2 AM- at the animal clinic where we do surgeries, so whenever we're done the surgeries, i can leave. I absolutely LOVE doing this tho, it just sucks that i have to basically work for like 15 hours in one day

Thursday- babysit 7-830, class 11-1, work 2-5

Friday- work 8-5

so basically Thur and Friday are like weekends for me b/c i can get home at 545 and do all my errands and relax, which i dont get to do M-W.

Buuut, i LOVE volunteering. I'm volunteering with a really big-time doctor who basically works 24/7. I'm really enjoying it, and I know this is what i want to do. Whic is great, but bad b/c i know its gonna take me a lot of tries to get there, so thats frustrating. My undergrad grades just plain arent good enough, and thats not me having low confidence, t hats teh numbers actually not adding up. But hopefully my experience with this vet will help, and maybe i can kill in Biochem.

Anyway overall I guess i'm happy because I"m so busy. I dont have time to think about how much lonelier I am here. My friends all have boyfriends, so I'm automatically the second choice. IT wasn't like that at school, we were all each others first choice. oh well. i have a goal to work for, and I am not ready to let any sort of relationship get in the way right now.

alright, bedtime.

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
12:13 pm - pretty picture
Many people see you as Truly Nice! Congradulations
on being a nice, smart, and generally a happy
person! It's hard to find nice people nowadays!

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Sunday, September 11th, 2005
11:06 pm - are you ready?
I want to start out with the appropriate game since it made me feel emotional (which is rare for me). the Saints won. And some of the players had very emotional responses well to how good they felt that they could make a few fans in NO happy. They admitted it really means nothing, winning isn't anything compared to what they lost, but its a small victory. And seeing the evacuees sitting together cheering that their team won did feel good to me. Its really no big deal but to them i feel it got them to forget for a few hours. And seeing theplayers about to cry talking about it made me tear up a little. seeing a guy cry (in some rare instances) does get to me (obviously it has to be a good reason, otherwise its a turn off).

football started today!
discounting the Pats/Raiders game on Thur which i'm sitll upset about.

it feels so weird! The thing i love most about Sunday's in the fall and winter is that I can sit around ALL day in sweatpants or my PJ's. I dont have to shower, I dont have to do anything but watch football. From the pregame show at 12 till the games from 1-4, 4-7, then the simpsons and family guy, then sunday night football.
In the summer, of course, i can sit around in my pj's doing nothing, but i feel like i'm wasting my time. I feel like i should be out doing stuff instead of watching movies i've seen. But when its football, its like, i have something to do, so its ok. I'm not wasting time, I'm having fun. I dont have to worry about looking good (assuming i do on a normal basis and mostly i dont).
also it just puts a smile on my face. I still dont fele like its real tho, i feel like its preseason and none of this counts.
Its been a weird ay. Players doing things unlike them, teams doing things unlike them. and my Eagles play tomorrow! I hope they play up to or better than normal. I dont want too many surprises there. Crizzing my fingers for no injuries, but I can't wait!

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
12:29 am - stolen from nightforcecynic
mood: a mix of happiness and worry
music: Kelly Clarkson (i'm slightly embarrassed...you know what? why should i be, granted she doesnt like it, but i secretly like the music and i'm proud of it!)
last car ride: half hour ago
last kiss: few months
last good cry: February 6th
last movie seen: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
last cuss word uttered: Fuck, probably
last beverage drank: Miller Lite
last food consumed: C and P's crab fries (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
last crush: real crush? wow, 4 years ago, no need to remind myself
last phone call: I dont really make phone calls or answer my phone. Last IM or text? Kelly
last weird encounter: so many
last ice cream eaten: mint chocolate chip
last time amused: eh, its been a rough weekend. a few days ago I would say
last time wanting to die: few years
last time in love: never
last underwear worn: bikini bottom
last shirt worn: Chase Utley shirt
last time dancing: my last night at GW :(
last poster looked at: Dave Matthews in my old room
last show attended: wow, i dont know, Rent 6 years ago?
last webpage visited: weather.com

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:04 pm - Harry potter and my summer plans
I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants this weekend. I LOVE the books (they sound teeny-boppery but are actually pretty good). They changed a few things I didn't like, but overall it was pretty accurate and good.

and whats more, I saw a HARRY POTTER preview!!!! It was too short for my liking, but that made it all the more intriguing. This is my favorite book (i'm reading it for the 6th time right now). I'm sure they'll have to cut a lot of stuff out so I can't expect accuracy. It will also probalby be like the 3rd m ovie where they left out so much important stuff that if you haven't read the books you would have NO idea what was going on or why it was going on. BUT putting all the great things to life, such as the dragons, is SOOO exciting. I can't wait to see it. I can't get the book right away because I'll be on tour.

So I went to my orientation for the teen tour I'm doing this summer. It was a weekend away in the poconos for the counselors to prepare for what we have to do, how to take care of the kids, how to deal with stuff. We learned how to put up tents b/c we have to teach the kids to do it. We have 7 couselors with about 40 kids, ages 14-15. We're basically traveling out west, camping for the first week then staying in the NICEST hotels.

We're flying into Salt Lake City the first night and camping there for 2 nights. THey are pretty nice campgrounds, but i've never been camping (oustide Veterens STadium) so i'm a little nervous. I'm not picky about where I sleep, but I am scared of bugs and I'm picky about bathrooms. But I'm sure i'll have a great time. Then after that we hit the grand canyon, bryce and zion canyon, sedona and stuff, and we camp the whole time. Then afterthat we hit up Vegas staying at the monte carlo, then San diego at the Lowes Coronada Bay REsort (which apparently is amazing), and then alke tahoe, LA, San Fransisco. I"m pretty excited. We dont know all the activities yet but i know we're going alpine sledding, high ropes, circus camp, water sports on lake tahoe, the san diego zoo, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm very excited. I love my co-counselors and theonly thing I'm worried about is how the kids will get along with each other. I know there will be the few that get homesick and hvae no friends and they will be tough to deal with.
But other than that I'm really excited. I get to travel for free and everyone thats done it before loves it. Its a big responsibility but everyone says the good things outweigh the negatives.
I'm a little pissed that I can't drink. It depends hwo your tour leader is and if they care or not. My sister did it 5 years ago and hers didn't care what you did after the kids were asleep. But mine, while really cool and really nice, is kind of all about the rules, so we'll have to try really hard to sneak out or not go out all. I reallllly want to go out in Vegas though, I mean I can't go there and not drink or gamble!! even for just a little. ITs one of my co-counselors 21rst birthday in VEgas too, I feel bad for her. We'll try to figure something out. Anyway so I'm pretty excited, its in a few weeks.
I just have to get thru taking the GRE's before that. Speaking of which i gotta get to studying.

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Monday, June 6th, 2005
8:19 pm - I want a job!
I'm sick of writing cover letters. I got one offer, but it pays $7/hour, takes an hour to drive to. and my hours 2 days a week would be 8am-10pm. not worth it for the distance or the money. I would barely be making gas money and tolls (for all you Californians...i have to pay to use the fast roads around here...). So thats just not worth it, altho it would be a great experience and I'd be working with animals ALL day long which i love.
Now i'm going through every single Veterinary Hospital in the entire area and just hounding them with my application. One of them is bound to hire me..closeby..for more money. I will not be a receptionist for more than 2 months! I have a college degree for a reason, i want to stick a needle in some animals here (not maliciously...but to help them, obviously).
Wish me luck.

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Friday, May 27th, 2005
12:48 am - WOW
I graduated from college, apparently.
Wow, it was crazy. We had 2 graduations b/c its a big school. One for the arts and sciences school, and one fro the whole school which took place in back of the White House, which I must admit was AWESOME. ( i took off a little early tho.. i got bored). My friens and I took off our robes and hats and kind of relaxed and didnt worry.
We had 1 graduation Sat, and one Sunday. Some of my friends in other majors had their school one on Friday. ON friday my family and i met in Baltimore with my good friend and her family to watch the Phillies play the Orioles. IT was randomly FREEAZINg ( in the 40's) during the day and rainy, but somehow the next 2 days were 70's and sunny. Then when I come home its cold again. Is it SPRING??? WHy is it below 60 degrees??
Anyway SAt night 11 of our friends got together with all our families, parents and brothers and sisters and rented a room out at a restaurant for dinner. it was the MOST FUN night I've ever had at college.
A mix of being happy and sad at the same time, sad that we're leaving each other and happy that all our parents get to finally meet. Then all the sblings and some of the parents went out to a bar after. 4 parents bought all like 25 of us rounds of beer, so that was like 4 free beers. WE got wasted and the parenst danced with us. IT was te most fun i've ever had.

Then the next morning after the best night of my life, I had to pack up and leave. I left my three roommate very randmoly and sadly. Then I wnt out to lunch with my two best friends at school and left in a veyr sad moment. I'm shocked I didn't cry. I mean, I know I dont really have tear ducts, but I figured I'd cry. I mean, I felt like crying, but I didnt. I think it just didn't hit me.
Either wya I"m home, and the bars close too early , and the food venues close WAY too early and i"m sad,. and I miss my friend, and I"m slightly drunk. My puppy is wiating and whinign for me upstiars so i'm gonna go sit with her for awhile, she not only is schitzo and and sociopath, but has separations anxiety so I must tend to her.
Gnight all, hope u have a good summer

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
7:04 pm
NBA LOCKOUT?!?!?!?!?!

just...please NO

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
7:53 pm
Just wanted to give a shoutout to all my friends who have recently ended any short or long-term relationships. Hang in there, I love you all and I'm here if you need to talk!

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Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
12:24 am - Race for the Cure
So I went home this weekend, and did the Race for the Cure. My mom is a 10 year survivor of breast cancer so the Race was my sister and my gift to her. ALl 3 of us "ran" altho with over 40,000 people on tiny streets you had to stick close by and keep a slower pace (not that I minded!) I was proud of myself though, I'm not really used to physical activity, whereas my mom and my sister run everyday. I'm skinner than the both of them, but FAR less fit. Anyway it was a nice run through Philly on a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun was out and it was really pretty. I can't wait till I'm old enough to move into the city. I want to live by the art museum.
Anyway, there was one bad point though--protesters. As a DC resident for 4 years let me tell you i HATE protestors. Of all kinds. Right, left, up, down, I don't care. This in particular was bad. you had over 40,000 people running to support a cause, celebrate survivors, memorialize the unlucky ones. And there were people protesting! I was shocked. Towards the end there were a few crazy's holding signs basically saying that the Komen Foundation supports/funds Planned Parenthood, bla bla bla about abortion and it increasing your risk for breast cancer. I almost threw up (well that, and the last minute sprint I did to the finish line didn't help). I just think its so disrespectful. Its one thing to protest-- i dont really like it, but its usually not actually malicious. This was just... I can't even say how angry I was about it. Especially since my mom is a survivor. And I'm sure a lot of people know someone who had it. Anyway that just really pissed me off, dont u think?

Well hope everyone else had good mothers days!

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Sunday, May 1st, 2005
4:08 pm - Ugh
Once again....Philly fucks it up. Dominated the whole game. Really good, fun game. Fun basketball. come ON. and the Phils are in last place. And the EAgles aren't getting along.

now i'm depressed.

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
9:52 pm - Because........
the SIXERS lost a VERY important game. I'm pissed off and I need something to take my mind off it.....
this one's from Nightforcecynic

Gender: female
Hair: black
Height: 5'0
Weight: 125
Eyes: brown
Skin: also brown

Color: blue and black
Number: 8 and 13
Network: ESPN
Gameshow: i dont know if i have a fav
Sitcom: Friends
Sports: football, basketball, baseball, in that order
Videogame platform: original NIntendo..or Playstation, but i'm not as familiar
PC Game: none
Game: dont know
Subject: Bio
Consumable: i love food
Candy: chocolate
People: real ones
Why?: I dont like fake people

Bob: everyone..kind of like John Doe
Jerry: tom
Joe: a guy i used to be obsessed with in high school
Adam: Sandler..b/c it was there
Isabelle: Rossallini
Sarah: dont know
Cleo: Stephs old dog
Tommy: Maddox
Ben: Roethlisburger
Henry: from DAwons Creek
Patrick: Swayze
Rey: ?
James: Madison
Rita: Hayworth
Mary: had a little lamb
Megan: old friend
Sandy: Annies dog
Evan: and JAron

Caused a car crash: no
Had a boyfriend: no
Had a girlfriend: no
Got in a verbal fight: yes
Got in a physical fight: no
Been really dumb: yes
Wished you could do it over again: YES
Drank alcohol: yeah
Done drugs: yup
Been to a sleepover: yeah
Lied: of course
Told off your best friend: in like jr high
Made someone feel salty: haven't used that TERM since jr high
Got told off: numerous times
Lost an argument: probably
Cheated on someone: never had the chance and never would
Cheated on a test: in jr high/high school
Cheated at cards: probably
Cheated at Monopoly: probably
Stolen from a store: yes
Stolen from your parents: a car
Stolen from anyone else: no
Bribed a friend: as a joke
Slept with the opposite sex: no
Slept with the same sex: no
Bit off more than you could chew: haha yeah
Jerked off: with what?
Wished you could: fly
Played cards in school: with alcohol
Played a senior prank: no
Gone to a prom: ugh yes
Thought prom clothes were retarded: no, they were fun
Whined: i'm whining right now
Hid from reality in hope it was just a dream: yes
Taken something for granted and lost it: hmm...not that I can think of
And miss it: as above
Tried to alter fate: kind of
Tried to believe something you knew was false: yes
Hated anyone: at my school, yes
Been suspicious of friends: sometimes

Vacation: Costa Rica
Future: EAgles..Superbowl
Friends: I have amazing friends
Married?:can't see that right now
Kids: " " "
Stay at home or travel: travel

Day or night: day
PSX or N64: ?
PS2 or Gamecube: PS b/c of MAdden
Desktop PC or laptop: laptop for now
PC or Mac: Macs are better, i just can't afford to right now
Dell or Gateway: Dell
Tactics or Strategies: dont care
Best friend boy or girl: i have no guy friends

Giving head or using your head: 2nd
Bird or bee: they both scare me, but i like birds better
Sweet or sassy: sassy
Sword or Magic: magic
Fire or ice: Fire
2 Pair or Royal Flush: if it ain't from a drinkin' game of cards, i don't care----love that answer
Blind or Deaf: blind
Blonde or Smart: smart

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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
1:55 pm - Sick?
I made the through the whole winter for the first time in my life without being sick. Everytime I felt like I was starting to get sick, I would drink loads of water, and make sure I was taking my vitamins, deny the fact that I was feeling sick, and I managed to get past it. Even when i had to take care of my dad who had the flew, around sick roommates, i persevered. Until now..damnit. I'm trying to still deny it, but i can't swallow so I think I'm sick.

anyway, my week has been semi-exciting. Pretty different. I called that guy that I met the other week at the bar, and we actually went out to dinner on Friday night. I had fun. He lives in Baltimore so its hard for us to get together most of the time.

It kind of makes me realize how much I'm not ready for a relationship. He's a really nice guy and he's cute, and when I got back I was happy, but then later I kept trying to look for things I didn't like about him. I mean I am trying to convince myself that he's not my type. The thing is, I like guys that are cocky and assholes, and he's really nice, and its like I almost want him to be a little mean. But obviously a lot of guys that might be mean try to make a good first impression. I dont know, I think "my type" is bascially the kind of guy you can have fun with , but not have to have a serious relationship. Kind of like the NBA player I hooked up with. HE was cocky, he was using me, I was using him. Right now my "perfect guy" is pretty much any basketball player. B/c I know most of them are cocky assholes who can't be in relationships, but are really hot at the same time. Like I'm obsessed with the bball players at this school, even if they aren't that cute. And I might be obsessed with Andre Iguodala of the Sixers. It think I'm just too awkward and too scared right now to deal with real guys. The best part about this guy I went out with on Friday is that he lives in Baltimore, he's nice, I had fun with him, but I'm leaving in 2 months, so I definitely don't see this as anything long term, and thats probably whats making me more comfortable with it. Is that messed up? Eh, I don't care, I'm so young, I have the rest of my life to settle down.
Anyway...I'm definitely not feeling good, i think i should go lay down and then have some food with my vitamins and hope for the best....
hope everyone had a good weekend.

current mood: sick

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
9:44 pm - Long week
I have had the longest week of my life. I had a huge anatomy test. Its not a normal anatomy class, it deals with evolution as well, and is very close to a medical school level class. It was on all the muscles of the cat (including where they originate and insert and what they do), half the muscles of the shark, the bones of the cat and shark and all parts of the bones (you'd think the bones would be enough but each bone has several parts and processes to it). I basically lived either at the lab or just studying for it. Anywya the test ended up being ok, but I made stupid mistakes and I'm not sure I'll be happy with the grade I'm gonna get. Not only that, but i had an exam a few hours after that one. Granted its a fucking easy ass class, but considering i only had those 2 hours to study all the material, I managed not to even get through
So I was upset about that, and after going on no sleep and taking 2 exams in one day I had to work (i'm an usher at the auditorium here) for a few hours. There was a cool jazz band playing- Pat Matheny? I've never heard of them but they sounded good. I took off about 15 minutes after the show started though. I would have stayed for the whole thing but I was in the worst mood and tired and cranky and more, so I left and basically died until this morning. I'm working again on SAt..i need the money, and another pretty famous band The Blind Boys of Alabama are playing so that should be good. I'm so burnt out from life though.

Other thanthat I've realized how bored I've been lately. I've been going out and getting drunker than usual. Last week I gave my number out to 2 guys in one night. Problem is I dont remember much about them. one was ok, the other was cute, but I dont remember what we talked about, and it was onlyfor a few minutes. He called me a few times, and i called him this weekend when i was drunk, but its kind of phone tag and I dont care enough. Then Sat night I met this guy who was cute, and we danced for a little, then i left to go hang out with my friends. but they were wasted to and todl me he was cute and to go back so I did, and I talked to him and gave him my number. He asked when to call me next I said Thur, so if he does it will be tom. I'm kind of scared b/c I remember thinking he was cute and nice, and told me where he went to grad school and we def talked for awhile but I totally forget. I called him by the wrong name a few times which is embarrassing.
Anyway, thats not something I normally do,and even if i did I would never have answered them if they called, but I think I'm just bored with life. Plus, really i have nothing to lose, u know? Anyway thats it. After a rough week I'm gonna do a big ahppy hour tom. Theres a bar near us that does a happy hour drawing every week, $10 all you can drink 6-8 and our friends win a lot, so we go. Its nice b/c you get drunk and have fun, but get done pretty early. considering most thursdays i'm beat, its a perfect night to go out early and go to sleep early. so we'll see. Hope everything is good with you all.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
9:38 am - haha
Steph, you might enjoy this:


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Monday, March 21st, 2005
1:06 pm - My week in L.A.
Well, i'm back at Gdub.... kind of sucks. Its nice to see my friends, but it sucks to have to go to class. And I have shitload of work to do, as well as work cause I'm absolutely broke. And two of my friends birthdays are this week, so I want to go out and celebrate as well, so that'll take by mind off things.
Anyway I had a great time in LA. Just wanted to say thanks again to Steph and Ryan for being such good hosts and making me feel comfortable in their apartment.
I had a lot of fun in TO,it was great to see MArissa again, and to finally meet Cassie, who I'd never met the first time around. We went to SB and I bought fun stuff, including the metal hematite bracelet that I'm now obsessed with.
I had so much fun at Chapman. the campus is beautiful, and i was so relaxed just sitting around, and going to class with Steph. Graphic design classes are SO much more fun then bio classes, or any of my other classes, atho I am a bio geek so I enjoy them on other levels.
Monday we chilled and had IN-n-out burger...yummy. Tuesday chilled and had fajitas. Wed I went to my family's for dinner which was nice b/c I haven't seen them in awhile.
Thursday Ann took us to this sushi place and we had a major overload of sushi which I thouroughly enjoyed. Thanks, Ann (Steph- who of your friends that i've met have LJ? let me know who they are, unless they dont want other people reading them.
Thur night Steph had a party, even though she had a lot on her mind, but I'm so glad she had a lot of fun. and I did too, even tho i was nursing the hookah most of the time. I hope no one got the wrong impression, I'm a very shy person at first and I like to observe more than talk so i was just taking it all in, not to mention I didn't have a lot to input in certain areas of the conversation due to my own lack of experience, but I had a great time. Her friends are really fun.
Friday we had a never-ending car ride (poor steph) to get back to the Valley so I could stay with MIssy. We went to dinner at her restaurant which was really good, then smoked a bit then hung out. It was really good to see her. Then Sat I had to leave. Thanks again to Marissa for the ride and the good music!
Have a safe trip back to CA steph!

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Monday, March 7th, 2005
3:46 pm - exactly what i woudl have guessed
You are Miranda.
Congratulations! You are Miranda.

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