Sixersfans (mcwestphreak) wrote,

My week in L.A.

Well, i'm back at Gdub.... kind of sucks. Its nice to see my friends, but it sucks to have to go to class. And I have shitload of work to do, as well as work cause I'm absolutely broke. And two of my friends birthdays are this week, so I want to go out and celebrate as well, so that'll take by mind off things.
Anyway I had a great time in LA. Just wanted to say thanks again to Steph and Ryan for being such good hosts and making me feel comfortable in their apartment.
I had a lot of fun in TO,it was great to see MArissa again, and to finally meet Cassie, who I'd never met the first time around. We went to SB and I bought fun stuff, including the metal hematite bracelet that I'm now obsessed with.
I had so much fun at Chapman. the campus is beautiful, and i was so relaxed just sitting around, and going to class with Steph. Graphic design classes are SO much more fun then bio classes, or any of my other classes, atho I am a bio geek so I enjoy them on other levels.
Monday we chilled and had IN-n-out burger...yummy. Tuesday chilled and had fajitas. Wed I went to my family's for dinner which was nice b/c I haven't seen them in awhile.
Thursday Ann took us to this sushi place and we had a major overload of sushi which I thouroughly enjoyed. Thanks, Ann (Steph- who of your friends that i've met have LJ? let me know who they are, unless they dont want other people reading them.
Thur night Steph had a party, even though she had a lot on her mind, but I'm so glad she had a lot of fun. and I did too, even tho i was nursing the hookah most of the time. I hope no one got the wrong impression, I'm a very shy person at first and I like to observe more than talk so i was just taking it all in, not to mention I didn't have a lot to input in certain areas of the conversation due to my own lack of experience, but I had a great time. Her friends are really fun.
Friday we had a never-ending car ride (poor steph) to get back to the Valley so I could stay with MIssy. We went to dinner at her restaurant which was really good, then smoked a bit then hung out. It was really good to see her. Then Sat I had to leave. Thanks again to Marissa for the ride and the good music!
Have a safe trip back to CA steph!
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