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I graduated from college, apparently.
Wow, it was crazy. We had 2 graduations b/c its a big school. One for the arts and sciences school, and one fro the whole school which took place in back of the White House, which I must admit was AWESOME. ( i took off a little early tho.. i got bored). My friens and I took off our robes and hats and kind of relaxed and didnt worry.
We had 1 graduation Sat, and one Sunday. Some of my friends in other majors had their school one on Friday. ON friday my family and i met in Baltimore with my good friend and her family to watch the Phillies play the Orioles. IT was randomly FREEAZINg ( in the 40's) during the day and rainy, but somehow the next 2 days were 70's and sunny. Then when I come home its cold again. Is it SPRING??? WHy is it below 60 degrees??
Anyway SAt night 11 of our friends got together with all our families, parents and brothers and sisters and rented a room out at a restaurant for dinner. it was the MOST FUN night I've ever had at college.
A mix of being happy and sad at the same time, sad that we're leaving each other and happy that all our parents get to finally meet. Then all the sblings and some of the parents went out to a bar after. 4 parents bought all like 25 of us rounds of beer, so that was like 4 free beers. WE got wasted and the parenst danced with us. IT was te most fun i've ever had.

Then the next morning after the best night of my life, I had to pack up and leave. I left my three roommate very randmoly and sadly. Then I wnt out to lunch with my two best friends at school and left in a veyr sad moment. I'm shocked I didn't cry. I mean, I know I dont really have tear ducts, but I figured I'd cry. I mean, I felt like crying, but I didnt. I think it just didn't hit me.
Either wya I"m home, and the bars close too early , and the food venues close WAY too early and i"m sad,. and I miss my friend, and I"m slightly drunk. My puppy is wiating and whinign for me upstiars so i'm gonna go sit with her for awhile, she not only is schitzo and and sociopath, but has separations anxiety so I must tend to her.
Gnight all, hope u have a good summer
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