Sixersfans (mcwestphreak) wrote,

well well well

Its been awhile. I've been busy.
Graduating sucks. The real world sucks. Its no fun not being in college anymore. I have like 2 friends at home, and even tho i love them, we all work so its hard.
I miss living in the same vicinity as like 16 of my friends. So that even if some are busy, i can walk down the hall or down the street, and find something fun to do. Now its like, if my friends are busy, thats it. And if they're not, i have to travel to see them, which negates any good drinkning fun. And tehres less of them.

But I shouldnt complain too much. Right now i'm working 3 jobs and taking 1 class. I'm basically very, very busy. This is what my schedule looks like:
(work is at my dads office, he owns a printing business) and class is Biochemsitry which i need for Vet school

Monday: work 8-3, volunteer 5-9 (vaccination clinic where i get to play with a lot of cute puppies, and also deal with a lot of annoying people)

Tuesday: class 11-1, volunteer 5-9 vaccination clinic

Wednesday (my crazy day): Babysit 7-830, work 9-5, volunteer 7 till anywhere between 11 and 2 AM- at the animal clinic where we do surgeries, so whenever we're done the surgeries, i can leave. I absolutely LOVE doing this tho, it just sucks that i have to basically work for like 15 hours in one day

Thursday- babysit 7-830, class 11-1, work 2-5

Friday- work 8-5

so basically Thur and Friday are like weekends for me b/c i can get home at 545 and do all my errands and relax, which i dont get to do M-W.

Buuut, i LOVE volunteering. I'm volunteering with a really big-time doctor who basically works 24/7. I'm really enjoying it, and I know this is what i want to do. Whic is great, but bad b/c i know its gonna take me a lot of tries to get there, so thats frustrating. My undergrad grades just plain arent good enough, and thats not me having low confidence, t hats teh numbers actually not adding up. But hopefully my experience with this vet will help, and maybe i can kill in Biochem.

Anyway overall I guess i'm happy because I"m so busy. I dont have time to think about how much lonelier I am here. My friends all have boyfriends, so I'm automatically the second choice. IT wasn't like that at school, we were all each others first choice. oh well. i have a goal to work for, and I am not ready to let any sort of relationship get in the way right now.

alright, bedtime.
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