Sixersfans (mcwestphreak) wrote,

Long week

I have had the longest week of my life. I had a huge anatomy test. Its not a normal anatomy class, it deals with evolution as well, and is very close to a medical school level class. It was on all the muscles of the cat (including where they originate and insert and what they do), half the muscles of the shark, the bones of the cat and shark and all parts of the bones (you'd think the bones would be enough but each bone has several parts and processes to it). I basically lived either at the lab or just studying for it. Anywya the test ended up being ok, but I made stupid mistakes and I'm not sure I'll be happy with the grade I'm gonna get. Not only that, but i had an exam a few hours after that one. Granted its a fucking easy ass class, but considering i only had those 2 hours to study all the material, I managed not to even get through
So I was upset about that, and after going on no sleep and taking 2 exams in one day I had to work (i'm an usher at the auditorium here) for a few hours. There was a cool jazz band playing- Pat Matheny? I've never heard of them but they sounded good. I took off about 15 minutes after the show started though. I would have stayed for the whole thing but I was in the worst mood and tired and cranky and more, so I left and basically died until this morning. I'm working again on SAt..i need the money, and another pretty famous band The Blind Boys of Alabama are playing so that should be good. I'm so burnt out from life though.

Other thanthat I've realized how bored I've been lately. I've been going out and getting drunker than usual. Last week I gave my number out to 2 guys in one night. Problem is I dont remember much about them. one was ok, the other was cute, but I dont remember what we talked about, and it was onlyfor a few minutes. He called me a few times, and i called him this weekend when i was drunk, but its kind of phone tag and I dont care enough. Then Sat night I met this guy who was cute, and we danced for a little, then i left to go hang out with my friends. but they were wasted to and todl me he was cute and to go back so I did, and I talked to him and gave him my number. He asked when to call me next I said Thur, so if he does it will be tom. I'm kind of scared b/c I remember thinking he was cute and nice, and told me where he went to grad school and we def talked for awhile but I totally forget. I called him by the wrong name a few times which is embarrassing.
Anyway, thats not something I normally do,and even if i did I would never have answered them if they called, but I think I'm just bored with life. Plus, really i have nothing to lose, u know? Anyway thats it. After a rough week I'm gonna do a big ahppy hour tom. Theres a bar near us that does a happy hour drawing every week, $10 all you can drink 6-8 and our friends win a lot, so we go. Its nice b/c you get drunk and have fun, but get done pretty early. considering most thursdays i'm beat, its a perfect night to go out early and go to sleep early. so we'll see. Hope everything is good with you all.
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