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I made the through the whole winter for the first time in my life without being sick. Everytime I felt like I was starting to get sick, I would drink loads of water, and make sure I was taking my vitamins, deny the fact that I was feeling sick, and I managed to get past it. Even when i had to take care of my dad who had the flew, around sick roommates, i persevered. Until now..damnit. I'm trying to still deny it, but i can't swallow so I think I'm sick.

anyway, my week has been semi-exciting. Pretty different. I called that guy that I met the other week at the bar, and we actually went out to dinner on Friday night. I had fun. He lives in Baltimore so its hard for us to get together most of the time.

It kind of makes me realize how much I'm not ready for a relationship. He's a really nice guy and he's cute, and when I got back I was happy, but then later I kept trying to look for things I didn't like about him. I mean I am trying to convince myself that he's not my type. The thing is, I like guys that are cocky and assholes, and he's really nice, and its like I almost want him to be a little mean. But obviously a lot of guys that might be mean try to make a good first impression. I dont know, I think "my type" is bascially the kind of guy you can have fun with , but not have to have a serious relationship. Kind of like the NBA player I hooked up with. HE was cocky, he was using me, I was using him. Right now my "perfect guy" is pretty much any basketball player. B/c I know most of them are cocky assholes who can't be in relationships, but are really hot at the same time. Like I'm obsessed with the bball players at this school, even if they aren't that cute. And I might be obsessed with Andre Iguodala of the Sixers. It think I'm just too awkward and too scared right now to deal with real guys. The best part about this guy I went out with on Friday is that he lives in Baltimore, he's nice, I had fun with him, but I'm leaving in 2 months, so I definitely don't see this as anything long term, and thats probably whats making me more comfortable with it. Is that messed up? Eh, I don't care, I'm so young, I have the rest of my life to settle down.
Anyway...I'm definitely not feeling good, i think i should go lay down and then have some food with my vitamins and hope for the best....
hope everyone had a good weekend.
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