Sixersfans (mcwestphreak) wrote,

Race for the Cure

So I went home this weekend, and did the Race for the Cure. My mom is a 10 year survivor of breast cancer so the Race was my sister and my gift to her. ALl 3 of us "ran" altho with over 40,000 people on tiny streets you had to stick close by and keep a slower pace (not that I minded!) I was proud of myself though, I'm not really used to physical activity, whereas my mom and my sister run everyday. I'm skinner than the both of them, but FAR less fit. Anyway it was a nice run through Philly on a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun was out and it was really pretty. I can't wait till I'm old enough to move into the city. I want to live by the art museum.
Anyway, there was one bad point though--protesters. As a DC resident for 4 years let me tell you i HATE protestors. Of all kinds. Right, left, up, down, I don't care. This in particular was bad. you had over 40,000 people running to support a cause, celebrate survivors, memorialize the unlucky ones. And there were people protesting! I was shocked. Towards the end there were a few crazy's holding signs basically saying that the Komen Foundation supports/funds Planned Parenthood, bla bla bla about abortion and it increasing your risk for breast cancer. I almost threw up (well that, and the last minute sprint I did to the finish line didn't help). I just think its so disrespectful. Its one thing to protest-- i dont really like it, but its usually not actually malicious. This was just... I can't even say how angry I was about it. Especially since my mom is a survivor. And I'm sure a lot of people know someone who had it. Anyway that just really pissed me off, dont u think?

Well hope everyone else had good mothers days!
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