Sixersfans (mcwestphreak) wrote,

I want a job!

I'm sick of writing cover letters. I got one offer, but it pays $7/hour, takes an hour to drive to. and my hours 2 days a week would be 8am-10pm. not worth it for the distance or the money. I would barely be making gas money and tolls (for all you Californians...i have to pay to use the fast roads around here...). So thats just not worth it, altho it would be a great experience and I'd be working with animals ALL day long which i love.
Now i'm going through every single Veterinary Hospital in the entire area and just hounding them with my application. One of them is bound to hire me..closeby..for more money. I will not be a receptionist for more than 2 months! I have a college degree for a reason, i want to stick a needle in some animals here (not maliciously...but to help them, obviously).
Wish me luck.
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