Sixersfans (mcwestphreak) wrote,

are you ready?

I want to start out with the appropriate game since it made me feel emotional (which is rare for me). the Saints won. And some of the players had very emotional responses well to how good they felt that they could make a few fans in NO happy. They admitted it really means nothing, winning isn't anything compared to what they lost, but its a small victory. And seeing the evacuees sitting together cheering that their team won did feel good to me. Its really no big deal but to them i feel it got them to forget for a few hours. And seeing theplayers about to cry talking about it made me tear up a little. seeing a guy cry (in some rare instances) does get to me (obviously it has to be a good reason, otherwise its a turn off).

football started today!
discounting the Pats/Raiders game on Thur which i'm sitll upset about.

it feels so weird! The thing i love most about Sunday's in the fall and winter is that I can sit around ALL day in sweatpants or my PJ's. I dont have to shower, I dont have to do anything but watch football. From the pregame show at 12 till the games from 1-4, 4-7, then the simpsons and family guy, then sunday night football.
In the summer, of course, i can sit around in my pj's doing nothing, but i feel like i'm wasting my time. I feel like i should be out doing stuff instead of watching movies i've seen. But when its football, its like, i have something to do, so its ok. I'm not wasting time, I'm having fun. I dont have to worry about looking good (assuming i do on a normal basis and mostly i dont).
also it just puts a smile on my face. I still dont fele like its real tho, i feel like its preseason and none of this counts.
Its been a weird ay. Players doing things unlike them, teams doing things unlike them. and my Eagles play tomorrow! I hope they play up to or better than normal. I dont want too many surprises there. Crizzing my fingers for no injuries, but I can't wait!
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