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Harry Potter

LOVED it... I mean it was my favorite book (I read it at least 4-5 times... I lost count)...I was smart enough to decide NOT to read it again befor the movie b/c i did that with the 3rd book and was disappointed with how fast they wnet through stuff without explaining. To put it briefly...the 3rd movie, I assume, would have been extremely confusing to those who didn't read the book.
However, in the 4th movie, (i'm not techinically ruining anything, but i know some people dont like to hear ANYTHING so dont read until after you see the movie, if you like).
Wait, first I"d like to say, one of my favirete lines of the whole movie was so damn simple. And it came at a point where i was happy with it so far, and in much anticipation of what was to come. At the beginning of the movie, when they're at teh World CUp, and Harry enters the small tent they have rented. I remember this from teh book so i kenw what was coming, but I dont think the diaglogue was the same. Basically the "small" tent, from the inside, turns out to be huge. So Harry looks at the small tent, and reluctantly steps find this huge place with several rooms. He looks around at everyone milling about, getting settled down, and with a smile on his face says "I love magic".
Stephanie- for some reason this reminds me of you. I can picture you in the same situation, saying the same thing. Just very grateful and pleased with life.
Anyway, moving on the 4th movie moved fast ( way you can fit that book into less than 5 hours if you include everything) but at the same time, they found ways to make it less confusing than they did with the 3rd.(heres where you might want to wait until after seeing the movie to read): The whole Barty crouch and his son thing....they left out Winky, but to compensate for that, they stuck his son in the first scene at the house, and shortened the whole pensieve scene into one short trial as opposed to the few trials in which the reader was left thinking that Crouch had sent his innocent son to Azkaban, who ended up meeting with the fate of death.
Instead, the producers, or whoever i dont know, decided to skip all that with Winky, and the son being under Crouch's Imperius Curse, and make it so the audience sees the young Mr Crouch from the beginning...sees him making hte dark mark, and sees him admitting to guilt at the trials long ago. This was a way to shorten the movie without leaving any loose ends. I approved.
This time i went into the movie not expecting it to be like the book---that would be impossible.
The Quiddich world cup was cut, mostly, but I was ok with that. I'm hoping something will show up on the DVD. i was very impressed with the stadium. i actually said "WOW" outloud at the movie theater.
Everything else, i loved. I mean, I teared a little, and i can't remember the last time i creid at a movie...probably somehwere around Titanic. I thought they could have made Cedric a little nicer-- in the book he was extremely modest...but he was fine.
As always, i'm disappointed in the Hermione-Ron romance brewing. I jsut think its VERY cliche in terms of movies/stories, and VERY unrealistic in terms of real life. Two people with that relationship as friends would never ever go out, and if they do, it wont last. I just hate the fact that it has to assume that every groups of childhood friends, 2 of them always have to fucking get together. I mean, it would have been worse if they paired her and HArry up, but just irks me. I woudl prefer Harry potter with little to no romance, altho i do like he and Ginny together.

Anyway, i'm very happy, can't wait till it comes out on DVD........

other than Harry Potter, i've been, as much as i hate to admit it, i think i've been kind of depressed lately. HOpefully, it'll pass, i'm just trying to ignore it. we'll see. hope you all have great Thanksgivings!
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